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Testimonials for the DVD

Reader Says Returned has recently been used successfully by Hertfordshire Library Service for a

half-day course in customer care. 

Here are some of the delegates' comments on the DVD:

"a very good approach - enjoyable and informative"

"[the DVD] provided clear and useful examples of practical ways to deal with problems"

"funny and informative"

Reader Says Returned has been used successfully for a second time by Hertfordshire Library Service

for a half-day course in customer care. 

Here are some of the delegates' comments on the use of the DVD within the training session:

"The DVD with specific examples was the most engaging [part of the course] and easiest to absorb."

"The DVD raised loads of issues in an amusing way."

"The DVD [was most useful] showing do's and don'ts in everyday working life."

Reader Says Returned reviewed in the CILIP Library and Information Gazette (7th-20th September

2007 issue). In the article entitled, Learning and Laughing, the reviewer Trish Arathoon (Humanities and Special

Collections Reference Manager, British Library), examines the merits of the training DVD aimed specifically at

frontline library staff.

Here are some of
Trish's comments from that review:

"I was particularly amused by the scene where the customer from hell, Dr Kilgore, complains to the hapless

about the library's poor stock."

"The DVD is designed to support a range of courses and training styles and employs what the publishers

describe as 'quirky humour' to get the customer care message across. The analogy that springs to mind is

that of a cartoon or caricature in a newspaper - you wouldn't rely on it to provide you with an in-depth

analysis of the news but it is effective in making a topical point through the use of humour and


"In cases where tight budgets preclude the use of a professional trainer to provide customer care courses

this DVD could be a cost-effective way to support the delivery of in-house training."

A full version of the review can be downloaded from here.

Ihar Ivanou, Systems Librarian, North Warwickshire & Hinckley College recently purchased the

Reader Says Returned
DVD for training within NW&HC Library. Ihar posted the following comments on the

CILIP forums website: "For our staff development day on customer care we used a recently reviewed DVD,

Reader Says Returned. It really helped to break the ice and stir an insightful discussion - I would strongly

recommend it".

Quotes from Lorraine Hall, Learning Centre Manager at Bede Sixth Form (part of the City of

Sunderland College), after using Reader Says Returned for staff training:

“I think that your product is good because it's affordable and presents the information we need in a really accessible way.”

“PS… it's really funny...but gets across the points we need! Best training material I've seen for libraries for ages!”

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