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Reader Says Returned is a training DVD that has been designed to help frontline library staff with everyday issues of customer care.

The main feature is a short film, performed by professional actors, depicting a series of typical encounters between library staff and library users. We see excellent customer care in action…occasionally.

The situations will be familiar ones: the scriptwriter worked in public libraries for nearly twenty years. But the training points are delivered with a quirky comic slant.

The DVD also contains a folder of supporting material, including a fully annotated transcript of the film.

Reader Says Returned can support a range of courses and training styles: presentations; seminars; discussions; role play; induction or refresher training for individuals or groups. And with the supporting material to hand, independent self-study is also an option.

The film purposefully avoids taking a dogmatic approach to customer care. Instead, it poses questions at key moments, prompting learners to think about what they would do in that situation – and why. 

Versatile, relevant and easy to use, Reader Says Returned will become a popular and effective training tool in your library.

The Cast
The Staff
Min Rosebud
(Paula Hunt)
Sez Thornhill
(Rebecca Grzesik)
The Customers
Mrs Aksoy
(Stacha Hicks)
Dr Kilgore
(Johnny Hansler)
Mr Travis
(Tommy Davies)
Jonny Arbogast
What is in the film?
The film comprises eight main scenes and has a total running time of around 23 minutes.
In each scene, a member of staff faces a ‘difficult’ customer, raising various training issues in a humorous way.

These are the staff:
Sez Thornhill is an experienced manager, who seems to have lost interest in helping her customers.
Jonny Arbogast can sometimes be polite and helpful. But usually isn’t.
Min Rosebud is calm, courteous and efficient. She should probably be working somewhere else.

And these are their customers:
Mr Travis has been asked to pay for some missing DVDs. He is reluctant to do so.
Dr Kilgore would like to make a complaint...every time he visits the library.
Mrs Aksoy, a Turkish student, is sure she returned her books to the library when they were due back. But the records indicate otherwise.
Mr Bickle has been using the library for forty years and never returned a book late.

Until today.

Reader Says Returned...
Taster scene in WMV, REAL and QT video formats or click sample to email us for your free sample scene.
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